Are you suffering from back pain since a long time and all you want to get rid of it? You want a solution of your aches and pain in joints but fed up of taking heavy medicines with multiple side effects? Are you concerned for wellbeing status of your body especially muscles and bones? Do you want natural remedy without worrying for adverse effects then you have come at right place…
If I had to use one word for heal-n-soothe I would use “wonder drug” I would highly recommend this product from medical and pharmaceutical point of view and will try to elaborate its benefits in the light of role of ingredients and their mechanism of action


First and most important thing is, this product is “Nutraceutical” nutraceutical is a unique combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical and it combines aspects of nutritional value for health in a medicated form

In order to understand this part let break it in separate word
So first of all what is systemic? Systemic means any substance that exert its effect by entering in to blood stream. This aspect is very important as any substance can only exert its effect on the body if it is entered in the blood stream. Now the other part is enzyme, enzyme is a substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction so this product ingredients enter the blood and act as enzyme to catalyze specific physiological roles according to the ingredients.

The most surprising thing about this product is whole formula is being shown so that consumers can understand and trust on what product they are taking. This is to ensure trust of consumers
Following is the brief role of ingredients as per scientific evidences
Unique and multiple enzymes blend
Heal-n-soothe contain following important enzymes
Different type of proteases
Proteases are proteolytic enzymes that are helpful in converting proteins into respective amino acids. This is not only helpful in regulating general functions but also improves digestive functions. These proteolytic enzymes if becomes deficient then body cannot regulate its function so these enzymes can be supplied by heal-n-soothe

Bromelain is proteolytic enzyme in the pineapple stem and juice. Functions of bromelain is in the management of pain, burns, muscle soreness and this extract is most effective in warding off inflammation. Bromelain also improves cardiovascular functions and slow down the growth of tumors.

Papain is another proteolytic enzyme which is extracted from the raw fruit of papaya plant. This is well known enzyme because it improves digestion, treat infections and allergies. Inclusion of papaya in heal-n-soothe is due to its property in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation.
Devil claw root extract
Scientific name of devil claw is Harpagophytum procumbens and this plant is native to South Africa. The name of this plant is due to several small hook like projections. This plant has multiple effects in different diseases for example pain fever and indigestion and most prominent effect is in arthritis particular osteoarthritis as proved by latest study (1)

Turmeric extract
Turmeric is a spice, commonly used in Asian food for flavor addition to cuisines, powders, mustard and cheese but roots are used to make medicine due to multiple effects on different system. In one scientific study in which turmeric extract treatment is given for 8-12 weeks showed result of reduction in pain and inflammation in joints and this pain reduction is similar to ibuprofen and diclofenac sodium which are standardized drug of pain used worldwide (2)


Glutathione is made up of three important amino acids that are glutamate, glycine and cysteine. The Most important function of glutathione is it act as antioxidant it means it can eradicate free radicals that are damage and disease causing molecules to the human body. Glutathione also act as detoxifying agent to detoxify different chemicals from body. As you age production of glutathione decrease in body so it is important to take it exogenously and this product is an important source of providing this another important constituent
Mojava yucca (root)
Yucca belongs to 40 species of plant of genus Yucca. This is non flowering plant and it is used to make medicines due to its multiple effects on health. The root is used for many beneficial effects like high blood pressure, migraine, headache, stomach disorders, disorders of liver gallbladder and for high cholesterol and inflammation of intestine. This root improves over all physiological function of body, so this product heal-n-soothe is very beneficial for improving overall health of consumer.


Ginger extract
Botanical name of ginger is Zingiber officinale and belongs to family Zingiberaceae and it is most commonly used dietary condiments in the world. The properties of this extract is so vast and it exerts remarkable pharmacological and physiological activities and study proved its analgesic that is pain relieving and ant inflammatory action (3)


Boswellia serata extract
Boswellia serata is moderate to large plant that belongs to the family Burseraceace and it is native to Middle East, northern Africa and India. The resin of this plant has been used in medicine since centuries. Medicinal properties are widely recognized especially antimicrobial activity(against bacteria and viruses), anticancer and remarkable properties in treatment of inflammatory conditions that are Gout and arthritis etc.(4)

Rutin is flavonoid that is present in vegetables, fruits and plant derived beverages. There are multiple studies that reported beneficial effects of rutin mainly anticancer property, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, antimicrobial effects. Rutin has effects on neuro-protection and thus improves nervous system in general (5)

Citrus bioflavonoids complex
Citrus flavonoids are also very important constituent and they are having protection on cardiovascular effects. It has properties of reducing oxidative stress, hyperlipidemia and in reducing inflammation. This complex improves blood pressure, lipid metabolism and to improve endothelial function (6)
The last but not least lets summarize all potential benefits of heal-n-soothe in the light of above cited scientific findings
⦁ Cleanses the body
Due to inclusion of antimicrobials
⦁ Fight off inflammation
Most of herbal ingredients are proven anti-inflammatory agents and this product fight off inflammation in all body especially joints and muscles
⦁ Improves cardiovascular functions
Heal-n-soothe improves cardiovascular function due to inclusion of cardiovascular protectants and ingredients that reduces cholesterol and lipids in body
⦁ Improves overall physiological functions
Due to inclusion of nutritional affective constituents there is improvement in overall physiology of the body
⦁ Improvement in mobility
Due to improvement in functions of muscle and joints and improvement of arthritis there is overall increase in mobility
⦁ Pain management
Due to effective ingredients that reduces pain as much as standard pain medicine, heal-n-soothe is the most potent pain management therapy
⦁ No side or adverse effects
All ingredients are purely herbal and obtained from natural sources so consumers can take this without fear of getting any side or adverse effects.
So what are you waiting for? Just order this wonder product online now and improve status of your wellbeing and nice being



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